Device Info 2020 

My Device Info 2020 provides you basic and advance hardware information of your phone, with an attractive and beautiful user interface.

My Device info 2020 application is the most comprehensive, powerful, and fancy app that provides you with all the information you need to know about your phone, system, and hardware with the most attractive and beautiful user interface (using Material Design).

Feature list:
Complete Device Info App
Operating System(OS) Info.
Sensor List & Details
Splash Screen.
Device Info: [Device Name, Model, Manufacturer, Device, etc
Operating System(OS) Info: Version, Version Name, API Level Build ID, Build Time, Fingerprint etc
All Mobile Sensor info
Processor info: Processor, Bogo MIPS, Features, CPU Implementer, CPU Architecture, CPU variant etc.
Device Info: Device Name, Model, Manufacturer, Device etc.
Battery Info: Battery Type, Power Source, Battery Temperature, Battery Voltage, Battery Scale, Battery Health, AC Power, etc.
Network Info: Data Type, Network Type, IP Address, MAC Address, IP Address, SSID, Link Speed, WiFi, Unavailable, Connected, etc
Camera Info:
Storage Info:
User Apps Info:

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